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Trust, Authenticity and Customer Service

At Luxury GoRound, creating opportunities for you to buy ultra-luxurious, hard-to-find, authentic, preloved handbags that put a smile on your face, is our pleasure. Then, when you are ready to sell, our customer centered service team is ready to assist you so you can make someone else smile, too. This process, which allows fabulous goods to travel around the world and find new homes, is how Luxury GoRound sees the cycle of sustainable luxury. Luxury is universal!

Trust, authenticity, and an exceptional customer experience are the cornerstones of Luxury GoRound. We bring our love and knowledge of luxury brands and nearly half a century of customer service to the preowned luxury handbag industry. Our goal is delivering a customer experience in the preowned market that rivals or exceeds the service you would receive if you bought from the luxury brand itself.

Who We Are ?

Always Authentic

Our in-house authentication process painstakingly scrutinizes every detail of every handbag every time. When it comes to us, you can buy with confidence! You do not take shortcuts, and neither do we. Every item is certified authentic and is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. We pride ourselves with making every contact with you memorable, from the stress-free order process to the fabulous unboxing and luxury delivery options.

Luxury GoRound stands for outstanding customer service when buying with us or selling your preloved items to us. You rесеіvе the bеѕt vаluе for your items, and we work together to find your preloved beauties a new home. Whether you're starting from scratch or reinventing your look, our fashionistas are ready to assist!

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Luxury GoRound

Outstanding customer service when buying with us or selling your preloved items to us.


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