Bagology \bag-ol-uh-jee\ noun - the study of selecting the most drool-worthy handbag for your unique fabulous lifestyle!

They did not teach this class in high school. If they had, I would have sat in the front row and got all AAAAA’s. So, it is our job to school you.

Read our latest blog articles about all things handbags. From how to pick the perfect Birkin to how to store and preserve your investment.

Get Schooled on the "It" List of Handbags! 


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At Luxury GoRound, creating opportunities for you to buy ultra-luxurious, hard-to-find, authentic, preloved handbags that put a smile on your face is our pleasure. Then, when you are ready to sell, our customer centered service team is ready to assist you so you can make someone else smile, too. This process, which allows fabulous goods to travel around the world and find new homes, is how Luxury GoRound sees the cycle of sustainable luxury. Luxury is universal!
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