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When you need that extra touch, enlist our BagCierge to locate the handbag you crave. BagCierge is an exclusive concierge fee service dedicated to hunting for hard-to-find, limited-edition, and rare handbags. We bring our vast, worldwide resources to every search to locate that truly 100% authentic dream bag you have been eyeing for years. 

We all have limited time, so don’t waste a moment scouring the internet for your next handbag. Luxury GoRound is your time-saving solution. Simply send us an email and tell us what you are looking for (pictures are great), and we will take it from there. Save time and revitalize your current handbag collection with our BagCierge services!

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We look forward to finding your perfect handbag. 

About Us

At Luxury GoRound, creating opportunities for you to buy ultra-luxurious, hard-to-find, authentic, preloved handbags that put a smile on your face is our pleasure. Then, when you are ready to sell, our customer centered service team is ready to assist you so you can make someone else smile, too. This process, which allows fabulous goods to travel around the world and find new homes, is how Luxury GoRound sees the cycle of sustainable luxury. Luxury is universal!
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